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8th Afghan Ski Tournament Organized in Bamiyan

The 8th season of the Afghan Ski Challenge was organized in central Bamiyan province of Afghanistan with both male and female athletes participating in the competition organized on Thursday and Friday.

Female athletes participated in the first day of the competition on Thursday with Fatima Nazari securing the first place.


Bamiyan Ski


Fariba Ahmadi secured the second spot while Zakia Mohammadi was placed third in the competition where several female athletes had taken part.

According to the local officials, around 50 male athletes had taken part during the competition on Friday with Mujtaba from Bamiyan securing the first position.

An athlete from England won the second position while Mahdi Hussaini from Bamiyan province secured the third position.

The competition was organized by Bamiyan Ski Club with the financial support of the Volkl Ski and the assistance of the provincial government of Bamiyan province.

According to reports, athletes from around 20 countries had participated in the 8th season of the Afghan Ski Challenge.

The Afghan athletes had won the first position during the 7th season of the Afghan Skin Challenge while athletes from Swiss and the United States had won the second and third positions.