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Draft law on access to information gets cabinet nod

Kabul: The draft law on access to information has been approved by the cabinet, Presidential Palace said on Sunday.

The Council of Ministers accorded approval to the draft law at a special meeting chaired by President Ashraf Ghani late on Saturday, the Presidential Palace said

Justice Minister Abdul Basir Anwar presented the draft law before the participants, saying it contained five chapters and 41 articles.

Endorsed by the legislative committee, the proposed law seeks to guarantee the right of real and legal individuals to access to information.

The minister said the draft law was aimed at ensuring transparency, strengthening the culture of purveying information, public participation in governance and promoting anti-corruption steps.

After a prolonged discussion, the cabinet approved the proposed law, a statement from the Palace said.

Ghani tasked the second vice-president with forming a commission with a three years mandate at the center and committees in provinces, if needed, in coordination with the Ministry of Finance to finalise the law.