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News Producer (Dari)

Submitted by admin on 13 March 2018

The News Producer shall work under direct supervision of Head of News or his designee. The News Producer is responsible to produce and present news bulletin; and review and edit the news reports for other journalists before sending to news room. Monitor and check the news authenticity with other sources to assure the correctness and avoid any conflict. Design a strategy and implement it to attract and increase more audiences.

Sales & Marketing Administrative Officer

Submitted by admin on 10 March 2018

The Sales & Marketing Administrative Officer shall work under supervision of Senior Sales Supervisor or his designee. The Sales & Marketing Administrative Officer is responsible for advertising and promotional campaign for HUB Group products, Implement sales and marketing plan according to company strategy and keep coordination for making promos, branding materials, brochures.

Receptionist (Female)

Submitted by admin on 21 February 2018

The receptionist shall work under direct supervision of Head of Administration or his designee. The receptionist is responsible to respond to customers, guests and stakeholders phones and answer their questions and provide them necessary information, keep sign and sign out record for all visitors and guests and manage all appointments for them. The receptionist should demonstrate and maintain great attitude and excellent way of conversation with all customers, guests, employees and stakeholders.

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